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  • Hello, its me again. I just wanted to update whoever is following or just stopping by reading through with my blog posts. I have temporarily stopped working on my current project and jumped back into LeetCode because I had finally scored an interview with an actual person. Not a technical one yet, but at least interest from another human being for tech company for a software engineer role It’s definitely very demoralizing getting rejected after two hundred applications for whatever the reason and not even anyone wanting to at least see my face on camera. I am no model by any means, but my skills that I bring are programming ones anyways.

    But my current progress before that had led up to this point is about eight months of studying code daily and close to a full time work schedule since I am currently unemployed. My resume before my most current revision was anything but presentable. I tried to apply with a crappy google docs template with my many years of customer service since that was my only job experience and resume at the time. I was in school and not really worried about these minor details, although I should have been. After many months of scouring Reddit, Google Images and general research of what makes a good resume, I believe that my most revised resume, with the use of action verbs and fancy tech lingo is the reason I was even able to talk to a real person despite the lack of real world coding experience or maybe it was writing a blog, who knows. As mentioned, I would scroll through reddit and spent a lot of that time on a subreddit named r/Resumes and r/CScareerquestions. Its hard to maneuver around all of the information that’s out there especially when there are many paths and people who claimed to have gotten jobs quickly and are self taught software engineers, but this doesn’t factor in the time they got in or the area they live, etc.

    So to wrap up my main point, maybe sometimes these companies like to hurt your feelings and ghost you or that your resume might actually need some work before you hear back from an actual person. Although this revising my resume has helped me, it may be different for your situation. Apparently everyone needs a disclaimer so I will also leave one here so I don’t get in trouble since my opinion is not the truth.

    Leave some comments if you’d like on topics or just general feedback on this article. Thanks for reading!

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    Introduction Software Engineering tech

  • Hello everyone. I am Henry and I am a completely self taught aspiring software engineer. I would already have given myself the title, but I have not have not had my first experience in the world to show my skill as of 4/20/22, but hopefully are subject to change soon. I am creating this blogging account for the sole purpose of providing a real experience of my journey into this path and like many others who may want to read or hear about similar experiences without all of the social media fluff. I personally consume a lot of media so every time I watch a YouTube video about how they got into a job while being self taught.( six_figures = JOB <= 6 months) I had only just gotten two side projects done in the time these people on YouTube were ready to turn coding into a profession which still amazes me.

    As mentioned earlier, I consume A LOT of social media. A person I’ve seen a lot while watching many YouTube videos relating to software is a channel called TechLead. This is the channel that gave inspiration to the joke that is supposed to come from this blog channels name, where I am self tech leader for myself. Hopefully that was funny or else I may never write another joke again. I am optimistic about a real journey into being a self taught engineer and providing real content from a real person and offering my unique perspective on this journey. My goal is to try and provide at least a weekly post or update and provide an entertaining, yet insightful reading. Thanks again for reading and the next time I post, I might be famous or I might finally be able to afford a happy meal, who knows.

    Introduction Software Engineering tech